Choose a plan that works for you

We offer three premade plans: a free plan for testing and two premium plans for small and large requirements. If your requirements does not fit in these plans, do not hesitate to contact us, we will prepare a custom plan that works for you.

Need a custom plan?
No problem!

We can prepare a custom plan that works for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

What you get in premium plans

More images and storage

More automatic image processing per month together with more storage capacity for all your projects and images.

Custom notifications

You can customize the receivers of the notifications by introducing several email addresses.

Custom report templates

You can define totally customized report templates with you branding for all your project o for each one of them. 

Integration help

We will help you to integrate your current system with our service, so you can easily automate the whole supervision process.

Helpdesk support

Helpdesk support for any issue or inquiry you have about the process, the detected issues and the report generation.

Service customization

We can customize our service for premium plan customers, contact us with your requirements.

Easy automatic PV supervision

Rely on our smart automatic inspection platform that delivers fast and accurate results to always achieve the maximum performance.


Can I upgrade / downgrade at anytime?

Absolutely, the upgrade is effective at the moment, you only pay for the days you being in the previous plan. If you want to downgrade, the new plan will be effective the next billing period (monthly). We only charge on a monthly basic.

Can this service be integrated with any system?

Yes, the Golden Membership will provide access to an Application Programmig Interface (API) for that purpose. The API integration is still under development.

Can I get more pictures analyzed per month?

Absolutely, we can prepare a custom plan for you. Contact us and we will increase the number of pictures you can upload at an extra cost by default or just for one particular month.

Can I cancel at any time?

Sure, we only charge on a monthly basis. The cancellation of your plan will be effective in the next billing period (monthly), in the meantime you can keep using our services as usual.

Can the report template be customized?

Yes, we provide custom report support for premium plans. This can be apply at project level if needed. If you are interested in a personalized design for your company, please contact us, we will prepare a quotation for the template design.

Can I get more storage capacity?

Yes, we can prepare a custom plan for you. Please, contact us and we will prepare a quotation for you particular storage requirements.

Ready to reduce PV inspection cost?

View our plans or get in touch, we will be glad to talk to you about your requirements.