Automatic PV supervision from thermographic pictures

Take advantage of our cloud artificial intelligence to perform cost-effective, fast, and accurate solar PV inspections. Start for free!


1. Take thermographic pictures

Take thermographic pictures of any kind of PV field. Thermographic pictures can be taken from fixed-mount cameras, aerial images from drones or even manually taken.

2. Upload the pictures 

Pictures can be uploaded to a new or existing project. Add, delete, download and visualize the whole set of pictures in your project. You can customize the report and notifications for each one of your projects.

3. Launch the analysis

Launch the analysis in our powerful platform that takes advantage of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. We will infer performance issues thanks to our state of the art machine learning algorithms.

Sample Report

4. Receive the quality inspection report

We will generate a detailed report about found issues, where the problematic panels are identified. You will receive a notification in your email when the report is ready.

Easy automatic PV supervision

Rely on our smart automatic inspection platform that delivers fast and accurate results to always achieve the maximum performance.

Cloud AI PV Supervision

Automatically detect PV panels performance issues

PV Supervision Artificial Intelligence detects a wide range of issues that reduce the panels performance.

Artificial Intelligence

PV Supervision applies machine learning for accurately detecting issues from thermographic images of any kind of PV pannels.

Thermographic Pictures

Any kind of thermography picture can be automatically processed in record time. Pictures can be taken manually, from fixed cameras or aerial pictures from drones.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing guarantees fast and accurate processing of all your images thanks to deep learning and neural networks.

Notifications & Reports

Automatic reports directly in your email inbox with a clear identification of the problematic PV panels and the detected issues.


This FAQ gathers the most commonly asked questions.

Anyway, feel free to contact us if you have any other question or doubt.

Can I do some testing before purchasing?

Yes, we offer a FREE plan for evaluation and testing purposes. If you need any other setup, please contact us, we will be glad to help. 

Can I customize the automatic generated report?

Yes, we provide some customization options for the report. This configuration can be apply at project level. If you are interested in a personalized design for your company, please contact us, we can help with that.

Can I cancel at any time?

Sure, we only charge on a monthly basis. The cancellation of your plan will be effective the following month, in the meantime you can keep using our services as usual.

Can I upgrade / downgrade as needed?

Absolutely, the upgrade is effective at the moment, you only pay for the days you have being in the previous plan. If you want to downgrade, the new plan will be effective the following month. We only charge on a monthly basic.

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